Removing Person from people column not working

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I am having some problem removing a person from a people field. After clicking X oder remove via backspace delete, the person comes back when the focus switched to another field in the list.

Deleting only works when i save the change directly without clicking anywhere else in the form. Happens only in lists with the modern design, classic works.

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@Matthias14 : yeah me too. I posted this couple days ago but in dev github and was asked to post it here but haven't done it yet.


I even recorded the screen here:


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Another way is to open the item details in display form and edit single field then focus out for it to save instead of open the whole edit all form

@OverkillTV , Yes that's possible, but not realy a solution when you have to change 5 fields and there is a flow with a trigger "on Change".

Yeah that's suck but I don't hear anything from MSFT. I also have a flow that run on modified item. Maybe you can try submit a ticket to them ?