SharePoint Online columns cannot be edited despite contributory rights


Hello Together,
I have a problem, I have a document library, with different columns.
Here documents are uploaded and the columns are maintained per document.
I have authorized a group with the "Contribute" permission for this document library.
However, users cannot edit the columns. If I change the permission to Edit or Full Control, it works.
What can be the reasoning?

Thank you and kind regards
Silas Muth

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I'd start by ruling out the basics.

  • Have you checked the actual Edit permissions to ensure that all the relevant list permissions are in place.
  • Check the item level permissions for items that aren't editable.  Do they inherit?

Can you also advise if you're having problems on the Quick Edit view or via the EditForm?

Hello @Steven Andrews 
Thanks for your answer.
I have checked the permissions and they are set correctly.
The permissions are given to the object by inheritance.
The problem also occurs via the quick edit form.

Thanks for your help and best regards
Silas Muth