Quicklaunch - Permission dependant? (Sharepoint Online)

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Hi, we have a very simple site for a small business, with just one site and 3 document libraries so far - 2 of these libraries are set so only the site owners group have permissions. 


The problem is in the quicklaunch menu, the title of these libraries still appears for users in groups who do not have permission to access these libraries. When they click on this, they just see an empty library, which is good as they cannot access anything they shouldn't. However, we don't want them to be able to see the name of these libraries in the quicklaunch menu at all. 


We are only using Sharepoint Online. Is there a way to fix this without coding our own navigation menu?





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I think it should be trimmed. Try editing the quick launch. Remove the link. Then go into the library settings and on title settings click to show on quick launch there so it adds itself to the quick launch and see if it works.
Hi Chris -

Thanks for your response. We've tried it that way, and it's still not security trimmed. All of our users are still seeing every item in the quicklaunch even when they have no permission.
Must be something with permissions or modern sharing. Is this a new setup or are you able to reset permissions on the library by inherit and uninherit the library permissions?

Could also be the whole lockdown mode or whatever it’s called causing it too. I’ll need to poke around on it if I get a chance but just throwing out ideas.

@connect665 Hey - did you manage to get an answer to this at all? 


I work for a organisation who has just moved to SPO and I am getting the same queries from different teams who can see the links down the left hand side but they dont have the permission to go into that link. 



@connect665 Did you get an answer to this question? I'm having the same issue. I have a site with 45 libraries, all permissioned and I only want them to see the ones they have permissions for. Works great in SP 2016.

They talked about security trimming nav elements at Ignite, but it's probably not going to come out anytime soon. Best hope is to hear something at the SharePoint conference in May.