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Hey there, i´m new in the SharePoint-World and first, sorry for my bad english. I will do my best and I hope, you all will understand me.

I have a question about Lists in SharePoint.


We are a company with round 350 employees. To manage our Exchange-Function-Accounts (Group-Accounts with more than 1 User with Access) I have started a List with the following colums


Name-Mail-Account, AD-User


I wrote down there all our Users in the list that are part from a funktion-mail-adress. For example


email address removed for privacy reasons | AD-User1, AD-User2, AD-User3....

email address removed for privacy reasons | AD-user4, AD-User1, AD-User3....


We have a lot of this Mail-Accounts... now I thought a list would be great. When an AD-Object is disabled, the list autmoticly delete the item and I will get an E-Mail with the changes... BUT no, the list dont change this user automaticly.....


Is there any possibility, that the list automaticly change / delete the disabled AD-Accounts from the list? Any list-settings? Can´t code this...


Or do I need to make a Workflow to get this? How do I do this? ;)


Thx for your help, and again, sorry for the bad english.

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@FloWu1984 The SharePoint list won't automatically remove an item user where the AD object has been deleted. You should be able to run a flow in Power Automate but I am not an AD expert so others would have to contribute here.


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