Oracle Connection With SharePoint List.

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I want to create Oracle connection with the sharepoint List,

i am using the event receiver on an list item to make CRUD Operations,

using (OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(connstring))
using (OracleCommand cmd = new OracleCommand(command, conn))

but when i am adding the above code to create oracle connection, event not get executed,,

please let me know if any other way,

solution for the above code is really appreciate.


Nikhil C.

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@Nikhil1992 do you want to make oracle connection in Event receiver code?

@SinhaKislayYes, I am creating Oracle connection in Sharepoint in Event receiver code,for to sync SharePoint List with Oracle Database.

@Nikhil1992 I hope you are using using Oracle.DataAccess.Client;  in the beginning and also you have added a reference to Oracle.DataAccess


@SinhaKislayYes,Reference added for the DLL and NameSpace.

@Nikhil1992 ok, then I am thinking on these lines, since server code is executed on SharePoint servers please check if you are able to reach Oracle servers from SP servers , there can be firewall etc

Also if there is some kind of log please share it as well.

@SinhaKislayYes I will try.

@Nikhil1992  can you tell me if you achieve a solution to this situation?