Opening new tabs by design must be changed!!

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Everyone using SPO knows this stupid behavior!!! It is by design. The only way to change it is: CHANGE THE DESIGN.


It's time the @designteam of SharePoint makes this behavior optional with the default of NOT OPENING NEW TABS!

Since 2017 this is a request with over 12,1 k views here and over 5k votes in Uservoice.

It looks that this request has been fully ignored by the design team!!!!!


SharePoint design team, Please, please, please change the behavior 

Credits to the originator of this question.

@Mark Kashman 

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Andre @ NL Salomons - 

Just so I'm clear on the feedback, do you mean when a SharePoint page has a hyperlink on it, to not default to open a new tab - rather to remain on the same page. I know when using the Text web part, the default is to not open in new tab; and you can check a box to make it open in a new tab.

Can you share an example of when the behavior you describe is the default? And @Melissa Torres and I can track, discover more and recommend back to the right owners. 


Thanks, Mark 

Hi Mark, and @Melissa Torres 
It triggered me to go deeper in this case. I wrote a document explaining the details which I will add to this thread.



The behaviour of opening tabs is at least confusing..

One problem is i.e.. if you are in site contents: a new tab is opened when you open any library or list.

If that is not what you want and open another list or lib form site contents it opens a new tab iso opening the same tab. Now you have to close that one first. If not you end up with this:



For each opening : a new tab.