#num! error

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I'm getting a #num! error from the below formula in MS List / Sharepoint.  I've tried a number of variants, including using DATEDIF, TODAY().  It works in excel but not in sharepoint.


=IF(AND([Last paid]>0,[Todays Date]-[Next payment]>30),"PAID",IF([Todays Date]-[Next payment]<30,"DUE SOON",IF([Todays Date]>[Next payment],"OVERDUE","")))


Its probably something really obvious that I'm missing but I'm just not seeing it!  Can anyone please help??  TIA

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Could you please elaborate more what exactly you want with Calculated column? What is the type of the Last paid column? 

Hi @kalpeshvaghela , 

[Last Paid] is a date column.  I have some annual subscriptions that some of my customers pay by cheque.  I'm trying to calculate the payment status of each of these.  The status calculates fine for PAID and DUE SOON but throws out the #NUM! error for OVERDUE.  This is baffling as its an IF statement, so the result is true for false rather than a number???