New feature: SharePoint site scripts and custom site designs


This message appeared in our portal yesterday however, when you click the Additional Information link, its taking me to rather than


Does anybody have the correct redirect URL working at all?

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i was just wondering this.  I'm not finding an article on this specific topic of site scripts.  The closest i'm finding is this and it's sub-pages about site design -

@Dennis Goedegebuure thanks for that. It started redirecting me there this morning however, it transpires I can't actually use it anyway as, its not available in Production Environments.

I just tried, and like Scott, my tenant's link is now fixed too, so it goes to this link Dennis sent, so guess it got fixed.  Thanks for sending the link Dennis.

@Scott Mckenzie I always use a demo tenant with targeted release for testing purposes. The new feature start showing up overthere today :)