Missing files in Mapped Drive



I have successfully mapped SharePoint to a driver letter in Windows Explorer (Win 10) but I have an issue in that some files don't seem to be there.

I have a little batch file that should produce a list of all of my files so I can do an analysis in Excel

@Echo off

Set OutFile=%~dp0%~n0-files.csv

Del %OutFile%
type nul > %OutFile%

FOR /f "tokens=*" %%I in ('dir S:\*.* /s /b /on') DO echo "%%~pI","%%~nI%%~xI",%%~aI >> %OutFile%


Unfortunately the results of this script is incomplete. It shows a large number of files but not all of them.


I am aware that some files and directories may have the S or H attribute set but still be visible from the web page, I have checked and that is not the case for me.


Does anyone have a suggestions as to why the list may be incomplete?


I should point out that the site has 8000 plus files on it.

We do use OneDrive but Corporate IT have set this up so that certain PC locations are stored there (documents, desktop, etc) and I am unable to get it to also sync to this SharePoint document library.


Thank You

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