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Is it possible to upload or add several items at once to a SharePoint list?


We have dozens of items to add in some cases (from an Excel document) and it can be a bit time consuming to do "+ New" for each one.

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Hi @jwa33,

You can use these options (depending on which one you like the most):

1. SharePoint Quick Edit Mode: SharePoint provides a Quick Edit mode that allows you to edit and add multiple list items in a spreadsheet-like view. You can switch to Quick Edit mode, copy the data from your Excel document, and paste it directly into the SharePoint list, enabling you to add multiple items at once.

Enhanced Quick Edit for SharePoint lists and libraries - Microsoft Community Hub

2. Import Spreadsheet: SharePoint offers an "Import Spreadsheet" feature that allows you to import an Excel document directly into a SharePoint list. This feature guides you through the process of mapping columns from the Excel document to the corresponding columns in the SharePoint list, making it easy to bulk add items.

Create a list based on a spreadsheet - Microsoft Support

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