Folder Permissions Being Removed when Copy To Used

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For too many reasons to go over on this case, we use folders for our specific Project data (ie we do not want to have to create a new Doc Library and/or Subsite/Page each time we add a new project).  Most of our users have access to them all so when we Sync with OneDrive, it's nice and easy.  If we had separate sites/page we'd have to sync project separately.  So we are sticking with folders.   


Most of the permissions are constant ie we have 3 set AD Groups, however, I have modified the permissions on the 3 subfolders that I want to retain when we create a new project.  I copy the subfolders into a new folder (using the Copy To) but ALL the folder specific permissions are getting erased and I have to redo them all.


Is there no option to retain folder permissions?  

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Unfortunately permission aren’t keep when using CopyTo feature. You will need to use Powershell or a tool like Mover that was acquired by Microsoft and free for use. Other ShareGate is a powerful tool that may help.

@jab365cloud I will checkout Mover thanks.  Sounds like a great product (too bad I've never heard of it until now).

I have the same question, how do i move SharePoint folders to another SharePoint site (same tenant) and still keeping the permissions, i have checked out Mover, but I cannot find any good guides that describe my case :( I feel like it’s a basic case i have, move folders to another site, an keep the permissions.