Learning pathways playlists pages not loading url not support.office.com

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The pages/asstest provided in the learning pathways in the playlists are not loading properly as it seems like the url is no longer valid for example, in particular the video content.



the new url seems to start with https://support.microsoft.com

How do these get updated?




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@Rosie Horn we are having the same issue. Hope to find a solution soon. 

Hello Tech Community,

I've been exploring a situation that seems to be affecting multiple tenants and users. It appears Microsoft is streamlining its resources, consolidating support content into a unified location. Here's what I've observed and some solutions that might help:

It seems that other portals that utilized the learning path ways environments or sites with functionalities to query, search, or display pages from "https://support.office.com/client/*" are impacted.

Recent changes seem aligned with Microsoft's strategy of centralizing support, but I couldn't find any public facing notices, but their links always change. Initially, support.office.com catered specifically to App/Office-related support, but now it's transitioning to support.microsoft.com, which covers a broader range of Microsoft services, including Xbox, Azure, and Windows, among others.

An example: An article with "./client/" in the URL on support.office.com showed a reduced version compared to what's now on support.microsoft.com.

For instance, a non-working video at “https://support.office.com/en-us/client/8e564127-15a0-4cf6-b974-f2101f5e256e” was fully functional at “https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/recall-or-replace-a-sent-email-8e564127-15a0-4cf6-b974-f2....
To adapt, try modifying the URL. Replace “https://support.office.com/en-us/client/” with “https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/<append id>”. This method worked in my lab tests.
A potential quick fix for your site: use Power Apps/Automate to find all old URLs and replace them with the new format. Test on a single page before applying to the entire document library.
It’s important to note that these changes seem permanent, with no indication of reverting to the old system. If you have other examples or insights, please share them for collaborative troubleshooting.

Hope this helps.

Hello @enigmanet and thanks for the information.
I can see the url but I am not able to edit it, see screenshot - red box is where the edit icon is when you have created a custom playlist, these are not a custom playlists.
The pages generated when installing the learning pathways are not visible in Site Pages.
It would be helpful if Microsoft could provide some instructions on how to do this. 

I have not been able to find guidelines/instructions yet.
Not ideal to have to go through all these to update them manually, I would have thought Microsoft would have taken that into account and provided an update to the Learning Pathways platform.