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Hi There, 

I am not sure how many people have been playing with Microsoft Lists, but I have been waiting along time for this functionality. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems creating a calendar view. 

I viewed this video created by Microsoft ( and when go to 11:06 it shows the ability to create a calendar view, but when I am on my tenant there is no such capability. 

Is this something that has been held back?


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The calendar view hasn't been rolled out yet but it is definitely in the works!

@Susan Hanley Thanks :)

@Susan Hanley 


Is the calendar view available now? I badly need this, please advice if any alternate exists.


Also I don't see the create new view option in the menu.



Not available in my Targeted Release tenant. I think it is scheduled to go to Targeted Release first. Hopefully this month, but I don't have any additional details. Until then, you can still create a classic calendar view and link to it. It isn't pretty, but it works. For more specific timing in modern lists, you can check with the team next week at Ignite. There will be a bunch of sessions related to Lists and opportunities to connect with the team. Here is the summary of sessions to look for (most are on demand):

Hi Susan,


Do you have any new on the availability date for the Calendar view in Microsoft Lists?





According to the roadmap, it looks like this month (CY October 2020). 

@Mike Dumka Eagerly looking for this capability as well, I gope it does release in the 5 days left of October :) 

Anxiously waiting.  Hoping it launches really soon!

@Mike Dumka @Susan Hanley We have the ability to create a Calendar view now. The "Create New View" option shows up in Lists, but not when viewing the list in SharePoint or Teams. Once created, the calendar itself can be viewed in Lists and SharePoint, but not in Teams (it shows as a list...not a calendar). I made a "website" tab in our Teams channel as a workaround that allows us to view the calendar, but if you click on a calendar entry the details view then shows the SharePoint comments instead of our Teams comments about that entry. That's unfortunate. Hoping Lists in Teams gets updated so it can also show the calendar view and that the details view shows the Teams comments. Also hope they build in a way to do some conditional formatting to change colors of the calendar entries instead of having every calendar entry the identical style.

@Mike Dumka - I have been referencing the same video, same timestamp - as the feature we need.
I am currently seeing the same as @msullivan-csulb in our Education Tenant - disappointed the views do not transfer to Teams.
The image attached from the Lists Roadmap clearly shows us colour categories in the Calendar View...
I think the marketing department are ahead of the development team - again...




@Mike Dumka I created a video on how to add the new calendar view if you're interested. 

@Chris_Laycock the calendar view is activated now in our Teams (Education). Definitely hope they build in the ability to color categorize like in the video screenshot. When Teams was showing the calendar as a list it had three columns: start date, end date, and title of items. I was able to add/show a bunch of extra columns in the broken view so now that it is displaying as a calendar I have the ability to filter the calendar by those columns (for example filter by assigned person, category, market segment columns). Lost access to add more columns to this calendar view once it started showing as an actual calendar. Hopefully they build that “filter” ability in as well as the color categorization.

@joesstlouis1, I watched your video but my items drop-down menu does not have a Create New View option. I am only able to save, edit, or format views. How do I get the Create New View option? Without that, will it be possible to get the new Calendar view?

It's only available in SharePoint online, not in the Microsoft Lists app in Teams. Not sure sure which way you're accessing it. I have heard from one other user who also doesn't have the feature available yet. This is the most recent notice from the O365 message center regarding this:
We will gradually roll this out from the end of September to mid-November (previously mid-October).

If you don't have the feature by early December, I would probably open a Microsoft 365 support ticket.

@joesstlouis1, I appreciate the reply. I went through SharePoint online. I'll open a ticket if the Calendar View and Create View functions aren't showing up by December. Thanks for your help!

You bet! Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

@Mike Dumka- This seems to be working for me now. Not for sure when it took effect. :smile: 

@Chris_Laycock Two months later and I'm also wondering why I can't colour-code items in Calendar view.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if it's just not there at all...


there is no option to colorcode the calendar-items in the calendar view. Even not in the classic options.

I would recomment to use the SPFX sample for modern Calendar and use a modern webpart in a page to use Color codes. Here is the example: sp-dev-fx-webparts/samples/js-modern-calendar at master · pnp/sp-dev-fx-webparts · GitHub