Microsoft Ignite 2020 guide to SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Stream, Visio and Lists
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Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia.


[Update: we've adjusted this post, now after Ignite 2020, to reflect the on-demand nature of all the below content]


That statement is most true for change management. Microsoft Ignite 2020 was busy for attendees, speakers and community members interested in SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer and Stream speakers; truly fired on all cylinders with sessions, attendance and questions throughout this year's conference – to give you that peek ahead with guidance and excitement.


We’re here to help – to push the end result in your favor. Some sessions were delivered via the Ignite website, while many live on the Microsoft 365 Adoption Center: Virtual Hub. This will both help IT pros, developers, and community champions prepare for the Ignite days and beyond (all links will go directly individual session pages to review each session on-demand).



All SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Stream, Visio, and Lists sessions across five discovery categories (click each to jump to that section):


Steady your minds, find your favorites, and engage.


First, always suggest attending Jeff Teper & Jared Spataro’s overview sessions

Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. Jeff and team dive into how teams collaborate fluidly with the latest innovations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Lists and OneDrive. He’ll also showcase how organizations can improve employee engagement, communications, and knowledge sharing through SharePoint, Yammer, and Project Cortex.


Catch Jeff’s session:


When, where, and how we work is fundamentally changing. Join Jared to learn about the risks and durable trends impacting teamwork, organizational productivity, and employee wellbeing. He’ll share the latest research and a framework for success for every IT professional and business leader to empower People for the new world of work, as well as the latest innovation in Microsoft 365 and Teams empowering human ingenuity at scale.


Catch Jared’s session:


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Content and team collaboration with OneDrive, Microsoft Lists, Visio, and Planner

Microsoft 365 is designed to be a universal toolkit for teamwork – to give you the right tools for the right task, along with common services to help you seamlessly work across applications. OneDrive is the clear place to work across all files on web, desktop and mobile. SharePoint promotes the intelligent content service backbone that powers teamwork – to better collaborate on proposals, projects, and campaigns throughout your organization – and is integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists, Planner, Visio and much more.


These sessions put teamwork first:


There will also be two (2x) Ask the Experts opportunities focused on files, lists and tasks running in different time zones to ensure everyone has a chance to connect with our engineering and marketing teams for Q&A. Add them to your session calendar:


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Project Cortex, knowledge discovery and content intelligence

Our world is rapidly transforming. The amount of data each of us must process is ever increasing. Project Cortex applies advanced AI to accelerate knowledge discovery and content management. Project Cortex automatically organizes content and expertise across your systems and teams, helping you to create topic pages that deliver just-in-time knowledge in the apps people use every day. And Project Cortex enables you to build no-code AI models that understand content, extract important information, and apply metadata to improve compliance, and accelerate content-centric business processes.


These sessions will find you before you find them:


There will also be two (2x) Ask the Experts opportunities running in different time zones to ensure everyone has a chance to connect with our engineering and marketing teams for Q&A. Add them to your session calendar:


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Employee engagement and the intelligent intranet

Intranets remain a mission critical tool of digital transformation. They bring together multiple pieces of information, processes, and people to empower organizations to keep employees engaged and informed and to share knowledge and expertise. Modern SharePoint, along with Yammer and Microsoft Stream, is ready to power your entire intelligent intranet with more engaging, easier to create site and web content experiences that provide industry-leading time to value across mobile, web, and desktop.


These sessions will make you intelligent about the intelligent intranet:


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IT pro administration, migration, and the developer platform

With growing digital data in your organizations, need for simplified governance of this corporate data and staying current in compliance are becoming critical for business’s success. With OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft 365, your data is in the most secure and compliant place. And we continue the journey to modernize the entire admin experience. The new admin and security centers offer much more control for migration, compliance, and overall management of your modern workspace.


And, devs, we got you covered, too: yo @Pernille-Eskebo/sharepoint --solution-name "hello-Ignite-2020." Dive into the latest SharePoint Framework innovation, Microsoft Graph power, and all the PnP goodness.


These sessions give you the control to manage and customize your Ignite IT needs to custom apps and APIs:

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Virtual Booth hours to meet with product group team members (Thursday, 9/24)

Toward the end of Ignite, the OneDrive and SharePoint product group hosted Virtual Booths via Microsoft Teams. They showed product demos, took and answered questions and listened to feedback from customers and community members.


It was a great time to learn, connect and engage across several focus areas for OneDrive and SharePoint:


Focus area 

Thursday, Sept. 24th
8:00am – 10:00am PDT 

Thursday, Sept. 24th
4:00pm – 6:00pm PDT 


We appreciate all the great questions, scenarios, and feedback during Microsoft Ignite 2020. The teams enjoyed connecting and getting a chance to sync face-to-face with all who joined in.

Till next time :).


Thank you,

OneDrive and SharePoint product members

Microsoft Lists and business apps 

Project Cortex 

Intelligent intranet 

Migration and administration 

Security and compliance 



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Other product related, pre-Ignite 2020 session guides

You can also review the following related guides to other technology:


Ignite 2020 (September 22-24) [virtual]

Connect with Microsoft experts and your world-wide community like never before. Experience the all-new Microsoft Ignite on a global scale. Microsoft Ignite is for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and tech. We recognize that the role of IT has shifted considerably, as has the way IT decisions are made. Therefore, our key segments and sessions are meant for all roles, from developers and IT implementers to those who make large-scale purchasing decisions for enterprise tech and security solutions.


Join locally. Connect globally:


  • Create your agenda and meet the speakers.
  • Explore learning modules to sharpen existing skills or add new ones.
  • Check out the Featured Partners who help bring Microsoft Ignite to life—and to screens around the world.
  • Discuss topics with experts and peers, check out fun activities, and connect with your global community.

For the best event experience, make sure you are registered so you can view content during the live event and access all content on-demand after the event is over. If you are registered, you will be able to stream on-demand, but sessions will not be enabled for download or offline viewing. Visit the session scheduler to explore and discover compelling content. You can refine results by time, session type, industry and more. Simply click the “Add to schedule” button to place a session on your customized schedule, or the RSVP button if it a session with limited capacity. 


Learn more at and follow the action on Twitter: @MS_Ignite, @SharePoint, @OneDrive, @Project, @MSVisio and @MicrosoftStream.


Microsoft Ignite 2020 - Sept.22-24, 2020 Ignite 2020 - Sept.22-24, 2020

Thank you,

Mark Kashman, senior product manager – Microsoft


See you next year, Microsoft Ignite 2021 (March) - sign the contact form to get upcoming news.


But wait there’s more! Join #MSIgnite coming to you digitally in March 2021, showcasing the latest technical announcements from Microsoft and our partners: wait there’s more! Join #MSIgnite coming to you digitally in March 2021, showcasing the latest technical announcements from Microsoft and our partners:

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