Microsoft Search at Ignite 2020
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With less than two weeks until Microsoft Ignite 2020, our Microsoft Search speakers are firing on all cylinders to finalize their sessions for this year's conference. And while the Ignite session catalog is live at, choosing from hundreds of sessions can take some time even for the veteran attendee. But have no fear, we are here to help! If you're passionate about Microsoft Search here are the recommended sessions to get you started.




Roadmap, News, and Announcements

Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Proje...

Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. In the 2nd part of a 2-part series, we look at how teams can collaborate fluidly with the latest innovations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. We also look at how organizations can improve employee engagement, communications, and knowledge sharing through SharePoint, Yammer, and Project Cortex. - Jeff Teper

What's new and what's next for Microsoft Search

Get the latest updates on Microsoft Search. Come on the journey to learn how insights, actions, and answers are being built into your everyday experiences across Microsoft 365, Bing, and Edge. See the latest roadmap across all your experiences, from SharePoint to Office and beyond. In addition, get insights into how to connect external third-party content connectors, customization, and extensibility. - Kathrine Hammervold & Robin Thomas


Administration and Management

How Microsoft improved its search experience for its users using Microsoft Search

​Learn from Microsoft’s Core Services Engineering(CSE) on how it’s transforming search experience for Microsoft employees using Microsoft Search.


Hear from CSE on the details of the employee search landscape, search experience evolution and how Microsoft search is helping transform the experience across M365 and employee portals. Gain insights on how search administration is done at Microsoft as well as best practices - Vijaya Alaparthi, Anishkumar Thoppil Ramakrishnan, Sapna Nadkarni & Dodd Willingham


Make the most of Microsoft Search through Configuration and Administration

Deliver value, knowledge, and answers with precision to improve discovery and productivity.  In this session we will cover the role of the search administrator and how they can use Microsoft Search to improve user productivity. We will also look into the future and explore how the role intersects with knowledge management and other user productivity experiences. - Mugdha Pophali & Lesha Bhansali


Unifying your organization’s search experience with minimal effort

Microsoft Search and Graph connectors together empower you to eliminate data silos to provide a unified experience for your users to search for information they need. In this session, you will learn about powerful differentiating features and capabilities that our partners can provide to help you achieve the ultimate search experience for your organization. - James Lau & Microsoft Partners


What’s new with Microsoft Search in Microsoft 365 applications and services

Microsoft Search in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Search is built directly into the experiences in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. This session will cover the features available from enterprise search scenarios in SharePoint Start Page/Home Sites, to search capabilities in sites and across hubs, as well as in lists and libraries. We will also look at some of the newer search capabilities in OneDrive for Business, including being able to search in shared libraries. - Thanuja Priyadarshani & Kerem Yuceturk


What's new and what's next for Microsoft Search in Microsoft Teams

The goal for search in Microsoft Teams is to help you achieve more by making information in Microsoft 365 easy to navigate, find, research, and assist in task completion. Come learn about the features which we have released in Teams search including contextual search, intelligent people lookups, message search and more, backed by the incredibly powerful and intelligent Microsoft Search platform. We will also do a sneak peek of the full-page immersive search result page experience which we are building to help you be more productive. - Raja Mohan & Sruthy P Narayanan


Completing the Search journey – Search your documents like you search the web

Finding the right answers in a long document is very time-consuming and error prone. We regularly hear from customers: why can’t this just work like when I search on the web? In this session, we'll look at how we're bringing the power of the latest web Search experiences can power in document search and answer finding. - Derik Stenerson


What's new and what's next for Microsoft Search in Bing

Make searching for your enterprise as easy and convenient as searching the web. See how you can save people time and your company money when info from across the cloud, intranet, SharePoint, and Office are just a few keystrokes away. We’ll demo new features and give you a sneak peek of what’s coming next, as well as share change management strategies so you’re sure to make a big impact this year with Microsoft Search. - Livani Pillay


What's new for Microsoft Search in Outlook

Connecting Outlook to Microsoft Search has unleashed capabilities that deliver a more consistent experience, drive productivity and improve performance. Dive deeper into how Search unlocks organizational knowledge in Outlook, saves time through actionable results and surfaces what’s relevant to you. - Tali Roth


Search in the Productivity Applications

This session will focus on the new experiences we are delivering via search in the Office productivity applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  We will cover how search connects users to the knowledge of the organization and the world while helping users to stay in the flow of their work. - Nathan Freier


Customizing Microsoft Search

Moving classic SharePoint search to Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is the best foot forward for companies in Enterprise Search scenarios with built-in people search, personalized suggestions and ranking, admin capabilities with analytics, bookmarks, locations, floor plans, as well as customization features such as ingesting content that’s outside of Microsoft 365. It is built into Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Bing so that users are already set up to use it in the applications they use every day. It is designed to work on day one without the need for customer tuning or set up but can be made better if there is an administrator that’s willing to configure and customize.


Microsoft Search is already available and being used by your users. To ensure consistency and familiarity for your users it is time to finally invest in Microsoft Search. 


If you have questions about why you should transition, or how you can best plan the transition, we will walk you through it. - Jyoti Pal & Mikael Svenson


Make Microsoft Search uniquely yours with new customization options

Modern information workers need to find knowledge quickly and easily through familiar and intuitive experiences wherever they’re already working.  In this session, we’ll demonstrate how Microsoft Search will let you create and customize rich search experiences around all of your enterprise content, regardless of where it resides. See  examples of how to modernize your existing enterprise search experiences to take full advantage of Microsoft Search from Bing, to Office to SharePoint and beyond. - Roshan Dheram & Ram Poornalingam


Use Microsoft Search API in our own application

Modern information workers need to find knowledge quickly and easily through familiar and intuitive experiences wherever they’re already working.  In this session, we’ll demonstrate how Microsoft Search API in the Microsoft Graph will let you create rich search experiences around all of your enterprise content, regardless of where it resides. See some examples of how-to bring search closer to users and how to programmatically take full advantage of Microsoft Search. - Nicolas Moreau


Microsoft Graph connectors

Graph connectors for Microsoft Search: What's new?

Graph connectors for Microsoft Search allows organizations to bring content from 3rd party data sources into the search index. This enables the end-users in the organization to be able to search the M365 content and 3rd party content all in a single place i.e. SharePoint, or etc. We have 10 Microsoft built connectors and 130+ partner-built connectors. In this session, we will demonstrate some of the newer Microsoft built connectors and some new capabilities built in connectors and the end user experience for searching the 3rd party content. - Shakun Grover, Vamsi Bhagi & Suhel Parekh


Implementing open enterprise search with Microsoft Search & Microsoft Graph connectors

Modern information workers need to find knowledge quickly and easily regardless of where the data resides in your organization. In this session, you will learn about how you can use Microsoft Graph connectors to connect your worlds of information to Microsoft Search and Microsoft 365, empowering your users with the relevant information at their fingertips. - James Lau & Mounika Narayanan


Breakthrough Innovation

Introducing people search in Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search has always put people first and at the center of search…  usually when you’re searching for information, you work from its edges to its center, in the same way we may build a puzzle.  The strength of Microsoft Search is that is allows you to build that information from the center, the person, outward. 


It’s people who create and curate knowledge, and we believe that allowing you to anchor on that person, their knowledge, and solve the information puzzle working outward, delivers greater precision, and a more delightful experience – because sometimes the answer you’re looking for isn’t found in a document, it’s found in a person. - Ashley Hall


Applying AI at Scale with Microsoft Search

Businesses worldwide are learning AI is incredibly useful to deriving insights from massive data sets and therefore helping reduce repetitive tasks; however, with that there is also the realization that is only half of the equation. The other half is that of maximizing employee’s ability to take these AI-driven insights and use them in creative ways to solve challenges, identify opportunities, and democratize knowledge.


With Microsoft 365, the world’s productivity cloud, we’re bringing world class productivity experiences across apps services. Thanks to new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, we can build experiences across devices to connect organizations from the shop floor to the top floor. Through our deep learning models, we’re able to bring new, innovative experiences across the products you’re already using.


In this session learn more about how we’re applying AI at Scale to deliver world class experiences that allow you to find more, do more, and discover more with Microsoft Search. - Youngji Kim & Kate Cook




And this is just the beginning, be sure to check out sessions from Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Project Cortex, Cortana, and more for additional coverage of Microsoft Search at Ignite.


In addition, we’ll be offering unique opportunities to engage with our product teams, get answers to your questions, and more.  Stay tuned for details.




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