Knowledge hub with SharePoint modern site


Hi All,

Our organisation planning to build  a knowledge base hub for the entire organisation. So I m thinking to use SharePoint modern site with Hub site concept. Is any one built knowledge hub with modern sites if so, can you please share your experience, advantages,limitations, how you architect the Hubs site and other associate sites, etc.


The other question is can someone please tell me how can I change the site logo in Microsoft Teams Sharepoint site ( the SP site has created as a result of MS Teams)



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Might I ask why you need a Hub for this? IMHO a single Site could be enough to build your KB. In regards of your second question, you can change the site icon through the Site information option in the settings menu

@nipW : Microsoft seems to be working on something (probably related to Project Cortex??).
At least, I found these new PnP PowerShell Cmdlets (released in April 2020):