Joined Lists

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I want to join serveral Lists

List A containts a columm, that points to List B

List B contains a column that points to List C


In the List A  want that the column pointing to a value in B shows the corresponding value of C.
When connected List A with List B I can add some more column from B, but the one that contains values from C I can not add to A

List A: Book
List B: School
List C: Country

A Book is used in a certain School, that is located in a certain Country.

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You can achieve this by creating a master list and sync all list data there, you can also create a custom web api to fetch data from lists and combine data to show report and can display in custom form.

@Muhammad Ahsan Ranjha Thank you very much.
How can I create the Masterlist containing the data of the other two?

I wantet to show additional Columns of the connected list, but as soon the columns contain data from other lists, they are not shown.