Image in numbered list restarts the numbering

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Hi all!

When I insert an image in an numbered list (<ol>, <li>) on a page in Modern SharePoint, the text editor automatically restart the numbering:


I think this "feature" occured last week. I have lots of pages on the same site containing numbered lists including images (support- and how-to-pages). If I open one of these pages in edit-mode, it restarts the numbering after the picture.


Could it be related to ? 


Any ideas how to fix this?

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@StigP I am seeing the same thing today. I was able to insert images into numbered lists previously in SPO, so this must be a break introduced in a recent update.

I have been seeing his for a while as well.
I have an ongoing case with MS support, and they confirm that many customers have reported the same issue. Had a meeting with support yesterday, and they've promised the highest priority, so I'm waiting patiently and hoping they find a solution quickly.

@StigP thank you for taking the time to give an update. Fingers crossed they will get it solved sooner rather than later.