How to restrict bulk/mass download on SharePoint online?

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Is it possible to restrict bulk/ mass download on SharePoint online, they can download a single document but restrict bulk download.

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Yes, Information Rights Management (IRM): IRM is a feature of SharePoint Online that allows you to protect sensitive information by restricting the actions that users can take with the document, such as printing, forwarding, or downloading. You can configure IRM to allow users to download only a single document at a time.

Hi, @Adnan Amin thank you for your response, I did try using IRM, but enabling it makes all documents protected.



Unfortunately, the Information Rights Management (IRM) feature in SharePoint Online will protect all documents in a library and it does not provide a granular control to restrict bulk/mass downloads.

As an alternative, you can consider using third-party solutions like Varonis, SecureDocs, or McAfee DLP that offer more advanced options for controlling bulk downloads in SharePoint Online. However, keep in mind that these solutions may have additional costs and administrative overhead.