How to display the presence or absence of attachments as an icon in the list view

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I upload and manage files in SharePoint list items. In the standard function, the clip is displayed if there is an attachment, and it is blank if there is no attachment, but I want to display a separate icon with or without the attachment. Please let me know if there is an implementation method.
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@Toi25 JSON formatting is not available for the Attachments column.


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I would suggest to give a try with Microsoft Access Database, you could upload the sharepoint list to MS Access and you will get a column with the number of attachment.

Go to filter option - same as that of excel and type the criteria as NULL and you would get a list with no attachments.
..except that Access is not part of Office 365 and will not be developed further.

@RobElliott - True that. But I am using O365 and has access installed in my laptop. Now I am thinking - how ? 


With MS Access lots of sharepoint stuffs could be done with ease.