How do I report an issue or bug found in SharePoint Online from within Tech Community?


Just wondering how one is supposed to report an issue or bug found in SharePoint Online within this Tech Community area? I wrote up a clear bug almost a year ago and have heard nothing back from Microsoft despite tagging it with all sorts of things like Bug report, bug, issue, etc. Here is the bug report:


Be great to know what happens to bug reports, and also to hopefully get (after nearly a year) Microsoft's eyes on this particular bug (link above).




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Open a support ticket and report it there. This forum is not considered a support channel and there are only a handful of Microsoft folks that ever visit.
Thanks @Vasil Michev - I presume you mean raise a support ticket via our Microsoft 365 tenant?
Thanks @Vasil Michev - I've done as advised and will report back with Microsoft's findings.
That doesn't help for SharePoint online. You get first line support that is not able to forward bugs or issues to the development team as last resort!