Filtered view doesn't refresh when item is changed (SharePoint Online)

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I've got a nice basic list that has a couple of views, one view is filtered so if a "Yes/No" box is ticked "Yes" the item is excluded from that view.  This issue is that when I edit an item and check this box the list view doesn't refresh, I've left it for a few minutes and the only way to get the checked item to be filtered out is to do a page refresh.  The odd thing is that I have access to another tenant, I've created a copy of the list on there and the refresh works perfect, as soon as the item is saved it vanishes from the view.  So is there some hidden option somewhere or do some tenants just not work the same as others?  


Any thoughts gratefully received



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Hi Rob,

Did you manage to get more info the issue you described here. Experiencing the same.


Hi Frans

Sorry, no I didn't get a resolution to this, it only appears to affect some tenants.
Thanks Rob, appreciate your feedback.