Employee Birthday Calendar

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Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to implement an employee birthday calendar? 

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Depends on your scope. Are you offering this to employees, or are you telling them their birthday will be listed?



It was just going to be a calendar with every employees birthday showing like a meeting.

I'd say then that what you do depends on how you want these birthdays to be represented.


You could use a classic Calendar in a SharePoint site. Since the Events web part doesn't yet support recurring events, you couldn't use that if you configured your calendar events to be annually recurring, so you'd direct people to the classic Calendar interface. If you like the Group Calendar webpart, and if you're already using a Site that's connected to a Office 365 Group, you could use that instead. I'm not as familiar with that web part, and I can only assume that it doesn't have the same issue with recurring events that the Events web part does.

How are going to add the employees birthday to the calendar? Manually? By the waym, if you are looking for a modern calendar view, it does not exist but it can be implemented with SPFx (My team has created one for one of our customers)

@Juan Carlos González Martín thank you. I will look into it. Was it easy to do?



If you are using MS Teams, Check out Onboard new hires and wish your team on birthdays, work anniversaries and special occasions (announc...

It is free for small teams (<20) and will help you manage team birthdays and work anniversaries with minimal effort. 

If you use Microsoft Teams in your organization, you should check out AnnounceBot to automate your employee birthday reminders and greetings.

It's the best way to implement employee birthday calendar because it's quick to set up, user friendly and integrated within Microsoft Teams.

You can get more details on the Microsoft page here -> https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/Office365/WA200003321