Developer Licence - Not to be trusted!

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I've just discovered that Microsoft have deleted the data in my developer tenancy.


All of it.


This is five years worth of notes, tests, demo's, training material, power apps, sharepoint sites, intranets, teams apps, onenotes, power automate flows, powershell scripts and a thousand other things.




Because Microsoft, in their infinite genius decided that instead of emailing the designated email address for the tenancy (the address they've always contacted before) to notify me the licence was expiring, to email instead the global admin account for the developer tenancy.


It's a test account. of course I don't check the email! That's why we have to provide a separate email address to receive communications. I've checked, that email is still in place!


Anyway, the retention period for developer licences is apparently not the usual 93 + 14 days. So it's gone.


Everything. Every note I've ever made, ever test I've ever run, every demo I ever spent hours, days and months building.


All because Microsoft did what we can call a 'Classic' and as usual, there is no apology, no attempt to help me recover it. Simply 'its unrecoverable'.




Anyway, here's to finding a new career. Thanks for nothing.

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