Create a column with unique posts with up to 5 posts

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Is it possible to create a sharepoint list column to contain unique posts of 5 posts.

I have licenseaccounts that works for upp to 5 devices. I want to be able to put an account with password

in two different columns. The account is for 5 different devices but I wan´t to prohibit that the account is created more than 5 times in the list column.

Is this possible?

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I´m not sure I understand your requirement. Can you elaborate?

@socker22 no, there is no way to prevent an item being created more than 5 times in a list. I suppose you could run a flow in Power Automate that triggers whenever an item is created and use a flow to count how many items are already in the list with that account and if it's 6 then delete the one that was just created. But I've not tested it.


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