Corrupted Microsoft list databse

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Hello everyone, I use a microsoft list database with other collaborators. Since this morning, our database is somehow corrupted.


We have no problem accessing the file, but once on it our data is invisible. The tabs and views we've created are available, but no matter what we do, none of them display data. 

We don't even have the standard display, the only thing we see is a gray block. Any interaction with the buttons doesn't work.

Capture d’écran 2024-02-22 à 21.26.11.png


Was there an update that corrupted our displays? Has anyone had this problem?


I know that our data is not erased because one of our tabs is a calendar and on it we see our items. However, we can't interact with it.


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I've noticed recently that the Lists app has been a bit buggy. Have you tried accessing the List from the SharePoint Site it lives in?