Changing choice fields choices dynamically in list form

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I have a question about managing ticket status in Sharepoint list. 'New, In Progress, Pending, Resolved, Cancelled' values are defined as possible options for a Choice type field.

How can I restrict the options of the same field based on the value the field contains?

For example, when a user first creates a record, the status field has the value 'New'.

When another user wants to change this record that has a 'New' value in the Status field, all 5 values listed above should appear as options.

But if the saved record has 'Pending' value for example, only Resolved and Cancelled values should be listed as selectable values. If there is a Resolved value, there will be only Resolved option (So its value cannot be changed with a value other than 'Resolved'), if there is a Cancelled value, there will be only Cancelled option etc.

Is it possible to dynamically change the field choices without diving into PowerApps and custom forms using JSON? Or any other way?

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@ertuncb you will need to do this in in Power Apps or a Power Apps-customised form.


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