Filter on SharePont List not giving any results

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I have a SharePoint list with 3349 items in. I have a department column that is used to filter the list. 

When I filter for my department, it returns no items. This doesn't happen for every department. If i search for a specific item from my department in the search bar it is found. 


My assumption was that there is a view threshold somewhere that I am missing but the list isnt over the 5000 item threshold. 


I'm sure i'm missing something obvious but cant find it. Any suggestions are welcome. 



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Hello @samdavidson 


not really clear, have you screenshots or something else for an better analyse?


Regards, Dave

Sorry, we have now worked out the issue.

We copied the data over from an old excel file to the sharepoint list. The old archive had a trailing space in the choice text for the department (i.e. “Department “) so the same got loaded into sharepoint, however the selection options in sharepoint are without the trailing space. Only one of these were in the filter list so the rest were missing. We have now removed the trailing spaces and all are now present in the list.
Thanks for posting your solution. turned out my problem was exactly the same issue with a trailing space.