Cannot replace root site because new site URL is more than 400 characters?

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I am trying to replace our current outdated Team site with the new modern communications site but when i to replace it, i get this error:

How am i supposed to fix this? We have a Document Library with numerous folders and files in the new site. What does this even mean? How can i determine which files/folders are long? Are they adding ALL the files/folder paths up and they cannot be more than 400 or is it  each separate file/folder path in a doc. library  cannot be more than 400?


I need this up live ASAP and this restriction is not helping out at all.


I also do not want to lose the replacing site.  SO does it go in the deleted sites section and can i restore it so that users can still link to it? I just don't  want it to be the root anymore. 


Error messageError message

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Hello, Oneal.

Were you able to resolve this error? I'm going through the same problem.