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i need some support to understand if sharpoint site is a better way than wordpress. My company needs an internal site and the marketing team would use wordpress as always bus my superior tell me to try use spo. I cannot found detailed report for every single menu, button, single click in every page in the site as normal in wp.

Can anyone help me?



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Hello @_t_z_ 


per default you have site usage reports:


Not every single click is reported in default reports, you can check with third party solutions.


I think, SPO is better to integrate communication with collaboration and process automation. It's not an "view only" intranet, with SPO and the other M365 tools, you can build more powerful company platforms.


Regards, Dave

Hi @David Mehr 

thanks for your answer. For my internal statistic i need to know who (name and department) and where people clicks to maintain the site popolated by interesting stuff or not. Every report has total but not specific person or specific text fotos hypertext doc or whatever with granular details. Seems that is not possibile with spo, but i can have this details just with wordpress

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@_t_z_ I would always go for SharePoint Online over something like Wordpress as you can have collaborative editing on documents and you've got all the other Office 365 apps which can be embedded in your pages. For example, you've got web parts to embed a video from Stream or YouTube, an app from Power Apps or a form from Microsoft Forms. You can trigger flows in Power Automate. You've got connected web parts, the news web part, lists, document libraries, quick links, file viewer, text and image web parts.  There are very likely many widgets you can add on a Wordpress page that don't exist in SharePoint but I find that keeping everything in the Office 365 environment is much neater. Our intranet, IT Ticketing System, Software Request System, Video Library are all in Office 365 and accessed from our SharePoint intranet.


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