Can you build a content library with a recommendation engine using SharePoint?


I would like to build a file-content library (5,000+ files, 10,000+ users, 1 M+ clicks per day, etc.) only using the SharePoint platform.


The idea would be a file library with a "Netflix-like" experience where:

- users experience recommended views (recommended files based on viewing history, favorites, newly added, most viewed, etc.).

- users get in-app and email notifications of new files added, changed, removed, etc.


1. Is this even possible within SharePoint's performance capabilities?

2. If not then can you please provide specific technical reasons why this is not possible or optimal?

3. What are the alternatives to SharePoint if not? Ex. Would it better to build this in a cloud drive with a SQL DB behind it?


Appreciate any feedback!

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That's the fundamental reason for SharePoint, to act as a content management system. You are likely to be able to hit 90% of your requirements but there will be some that you wont be able to do and may need custom development.

If had to build this solution I would MoSCoW out the requirements and rule out SharePoint before looking at anything else, especially if you already have it as part of Office 365.

Hope that helps.

@mirkocc19 I agree with @Andrew Hodges that most of this is do-able, but not with SharePoint on its own. It would need Power Automate for the notifications and emails and Power Apps for the front end, although I suspect you are likely to hit browser caching issues with that number of users and clicks per day.


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It must be possible, but I think it I, not the best option. I wouldn't say it is the easiest way to reach your desired effect. If I were you, I would turn my attention to some more sophisticated and new services, like , which demand much less effort. However, you're to decide. It is possible, and it may help you. But you'll have to work some time on conception and design it in a way it would work as planned