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Hello SharePoint friends.  I need some ideas as I know there are some people in  here that have way more experience than me.  I created a SharePoint list that tracks recruitment.  I did use JSON custom formatting to reformat the forms but I still dont like it.  Maybe I am my own worst critic but I still get lost in this form.  Can someone kindly offer some ideas or some other code or formatting I can do to make this look cleaner?  I know there are a lot of data points here but I know there must be a way to make this look better than what I have done.  Thanks for you help and have a wonderful day.



P.S. I am not a developer or claim to know JSON just a professionial Googler :)

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@FlowTime1990 This looks good and properly grouped in different sections. 


You cannot make further changes to Body layout using JSON formatting. However, you can make customization to form header, footer and columns.


Check below documentations for same:

  1. Configure the list form 
  2. Use column formatting to customize SharePoint 

You can get some ideas from PnP list formatting samples site, there are lot of existing samples available using JSON formatting: List Formatting Samples 

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