Call Center Project

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I am trying to build out a call center program on SharePoint using a set of lists like a database to save client info as it comes in via calls. I am new to alot of this and would like help from the community to know if what we want to do is even possible or feasible long term. The company I work for has 3 departments that all get calls through one dispatcher. I wanted to build a system where you could select which type of call it is, then it would give you questions related to each department. Since each department will need different information. Would need to be able to run reports on data so that department heads could get the info when doing their paperwork. Ideally having this automated to send report directly to heads at a specific date. Want to be able to use a calender view to see the clients for the day/week/month; To be able to map out what assets we need for our run volume. Would be nice to have app pull existing client information to save time and not have duplicates. Show client previous and future runs. Post new runs from one department in teams/email as determined. Have the app be able to be run offline if needed?

I want to use sharepoint list as our database for clients. Wondering how to structure this. Do I make multiple lists and create relationships between them? Do I just have each department have one list. Want to ensure what I build can be stable and to handle expansion of company(Might have 2 call takers if call volume is high enough).

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