Breadcrumb navigation on modern site pages (communication site)

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Is there a dynamic way to add breadcrumbs to site pages in Communication site?  Currently, we are using SharePoint as our intranet site and adding breadcrumbs manually using Text web part.  

I found similar questions but no answer and they've been more than 2 years old posts.  Wondering if anything is new that'll help. 

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Yes, there are dynamic ways to add breadcrumbs to site pages in a SharePoint Communication site. Here are a few options:

Use the SharePoint Online PnP (Patterns and Practices) breadcrumb component: This component provides a dynamic breadcrumb navigation for SharePoint Communication sites. You can install it as a SharePoint Framework solution, and it will automatically generate breadcrumbs based on the site hierarchy. You can find more information on how to use the PnP breadcrumb component here:

Use the SharePoint built-in breadcrumb: SharePoint already has a built-in breadcrumb that you can use on your site pages. To add it, simply go to the page editing mode, click on the "+ Add" button and select the "Breadcrumb" web part. This will add a dynamic breadcrumb navigation to your site page.

Use a third-party SharePoint add-in: There are several third-party SharePoint add-ins available in the SharePoint Store that offer dynamic breadcrumb navigation. You can search for them by using keywords like "breadcrumb" or "navigation" in the SharePoint Store. Some popular options include "SharePoint Breadcrumbs" by BindTuning and "Navigation for SharePoint Online" by SharePointly.

@jaortizgolf78 Thanks for the suggestions. 

1. I'll have to look into the PnP breadcrumb component. 
2. I don't see a breadcrumb webpart listed on my screen (We're on GCC) or on below page:
Using web parts on SharePoint pages - Microsoft Support
3. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to install any 3rd party solutions.