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I have a library where the files will get created using a flow. I want to apply a sensitivity label to all the files that gets added in the library. So, I was thinking to use 'Apply a label to items in this library'.  However, it's not loading any of the labels in the tenant. The drop down stays None. 


I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate the help. 


Thank you.

Bhavpreet Bains

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Hi @Bhavpreet Bains ,


Things to check  - 


1. The labels have been published via a policy.

2. Policy has been set to publish to the correct users

3. Give it some time, come back the next day in some cases.



@Andrew Hodges Anything else you can suggest for this?

Labels are published (visible in Office apps and Office on the Web). I've waited over a week since creating the labels but still not appearing in the drop-down.

Is this setting in SPO just for applying RETENTION labels rather than SENSITIVITY labels perhaps?

@Gavin Meerwald 

Same issue here. Several sensitivity labels are deployed via policy to the correct users but the dropdown menu in Sharepoint only shows None. And it's already weeks since the deployment, so definitely no timing issue. I have no clue what to do next. I also wondered if this only works for retention and not for sensitivity labels. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

HI@manfred765 & @Gavin Meerwald,

Did you find a solution, yet? I am facing the same problems.

@SpeedMaxX this was some time ago now. I eventually wound up deleting and re-creating the labels and policy which then worked.

Hi all,

Finally it works in our environment to have a default sensitivity label for a Sharepoint site and auto-label all content. Here's my experience.

1. Where to find the labels - sensitivity vs. retention labels
First of all I was always expecting the sensitivity labels to show up in the menu "Library Settings > More library settings > Apply label to items in this list or library", which is wrong. This section seems to be for retention labels only, which I haven't verified so far. But it makes sense as in the compliance status of a document it shows the same "Label > None" and has the word retention in the page title. If AIP is enabled for Sharepoint (see 2. how to set it up), the sensitivity labels already show up when you click on "Library Settings". There should be a drop down box right below the description box. So, if there is no sensitivity drop down at first glance, it's definitely not configured (or there's no policy applied to that specific Sharepoint site).

2. How to configure AIP (sensitivity labels) for Sharepoint
Setting up MIP support in the AAD was not enough to make AIP work, which I had to learn on the long run. There is another setting on MSO which can be turned on as follows. Open a Powershell (as Admin) and run the following commands. Note, that you have to know the name of your production tenant to set up the feature on the proper tenant.

# load required modules (always confirm with y)
Install-Module -Name MSOnline
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell
# connect to the service
# if you don’t know your tenant, use the following command to list all available tenants
# connect to SPO on the tenant on which you want to enable AIP
Connect-SPOService -url “”
# enable AIP
Set-SPOTenant -EnableAIPIntegration $true

Now wait for up to 24 hours (it really took that long for me) for the label to be deployed. Activating AIP is one thing. To get it work you need to create a sensitivity label and apply it to the users and Sharepoint sites.

I hope my post was helpful. Let me know in the comments, if it worked out for you as described.

Best regards,
Thank you for taking the time to post a solution that will help others googling this issue.