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I have a library where the files will get created using a flow. I want to apply a sensitivity label to all the files that gets added in the library. So, I was thinking to use 'Apply a label to items in this library'.  However, it's not loading any of the labels in the tenant. The drop down stays None. 


I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate the help. 


Thank you.

Bhavpreet Bains

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Hi @Bhavpreet Bains ,


Things to check  - 


1. The labels have been published via a policy.

2. Policy has been set to publish to the correct users

3. Give it some time, come back the next day in some cases.



@Andrew Hodges Anything else you can suggest for this?

Labels are published (visible in Office apps and Office on the Web). I've waited over a week since creating the labels but still not appearing in the drop-down.

Is this setting in SPO just for applying RETENTION labels rather than SENSITIVITY labels perhaps?