Anchor Links Not Working

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Hi, I am having an issue where anchor linking works fine right after I create the link but as soon as I reload the page, it stops working. I can visibly see the URL changing correctly but the user is not taken to the heading. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Working fine when i tested in Chrome & Edge. Are you linking to a section in a different page or same page? May be bad cache? Give it a try after clearing browser cache.
It's linking to the same page. I just cleared my cache and the issue persists. For clarity, the URL for the anchor link should just be the URL for the page with the following appended?
Yes, that's correct. URL for the page followed by #Header.

You might have already done this but make sure your Header text is tagged as Heading # HTML text type.
Yep, the headings are tagged properly. The little link icon appears next to all of them.


I found a solution on another site that worked for me: The Incredibly Easy No-Code Solution to Simple Anchor Tags in SharePoint Navigation | Customer and E...


Solution is: When you link to your page and anchor, just add the question mark in front of the anchor tag like:

Thank you for posting this solution!