Accessing a list on current users personal site (MySite) from a WebPart on another site (403 error)

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Is it possible to acess a list from the current users personal site (MySite) within a WebPart on another site? (e.g. display data stored in a list on the users mysite)

The common methods that work for cross site calls do not work (403 error). Most likely because of the different base url (-my).


Did anyone succeed in accessing the MySite from another site?

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You can access a Personal List through a standard webpart with the "Highlighted Content" webpart. List-items and list-functionality will not have the same interface as a regular list within the site.


This query will also find items in the list like dispform.aspx. You can exclude or include certain elements through the KQL-Query.

Users who access the SharePoint page need access to your personal list to be able to see the items.

Thank you for your answer. But the question is related to a custom developed webpart and programmatically accessing lists in the personal site.