How convert column with number to hours

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hello all I really need your help, how can I change the format of these numbers to be able to read them in hours and minutes example (with sharepoint list)




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@maga30 What is the unit for current values? Are these values in hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds?


How are you adding these values in SharePoint, manually or using any custom solution?

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@ganeshsanap Thanks for your reply. 


This Number are custom  hr and min



I Importer the data from excel to Share Point list. 


HI @maga30 


Excel calculates that number (i.e. 0.15625 for the timestamp 3:45) through this formula

0,15625 = ((3*3600)+(45*60)) * (1/24/60/60)

You can re-format that number to a date format "h:mm", you apply this column formatting

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "=(floor((Number(@currentField)/Number(1/24/60/60))/3600))+':'+padStart(toString((floor(((Number(@currentField)/Number(1/24/60/60))-(floor((Number(@currentField)/Number(1/24/60/60))/3600)*3600))/60))),2,'0')"

Formatted Date.png
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Thanks a lot! works! really good. 

The only problem the hours should be for example 8:00 and not 7:59. 


Could you please help me with that? 




Hi @maga30 ,


sure.... can you give me the original number for 07:59 and what the date should be (Not as a Screenshot, so I can copy&paste)

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