Office 365 - Secure Score not updating

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Good day, I have been performing suggested actions, but they dont seem to be applying as my score doesnt change.


enable customer lockbox or audit logging for example, both have been turned on over a week ago, but it still shows I need to do this.


any thoughts on why? 

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Hi Dan,


Thanks for note.  For audit logging, can you clarify which auditing control you have enabled?  If it is "enable mailbox auditing for all users" then you should be getting points and in my test tenant I see that I am getting them.  If you are talking about the "enable audit data recording" control, this is currently not scored and you will not get any points for this.


For customer lockbox, I did not have this enabled in my test tenant but just turned it on so I will let you know if it gets scored on my end but that should be working.


Worst case, you can always feel free to provide feedback to us directly via the "feedback" button in the bottom right hand corner of any Secure Score page.  This will log the issue and give us more info on your tenant so we can investigate at a deeper level.

It won't work if you don't have Office 365 E5 Plan.

"Customer lockbox is included in the Office 365 E5 plan. If you don't have an Office 365 E5 plan, you can buy a separate customer lockbox subscription with any Office 365 Enterprise plan."

Hi Mohamud,

If you don't own customer lockbox then you will not be able to enable this.  However the denominator of your Secure Score will not include points from items you don't own.