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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Office 365 Security score unable to update

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Hi Support,

I have updated below point on office 365 tenant but it is not showing completed in security score. Please help to resolve the issue.


1. Turn on audit data recording [Not Scored]
2. Block Client Forwarding Rules [Not Scored]
3. Set outbound spam notifications [Not Scored]
4. Turn on mailbox auditing for all users [Not Scored]
5. Register all users for multi-factor authentication
6. Activate Information Rights Management (IRM) services [Not Scored]
7. Consume audit data weekly
8. Enable self-service password reset
9. No transport rule to external domains [Not Scored]
10. Do not use transport white lists [Not Scored]
11. Review mailbox forwarding rules weekly
12. Review mailbox access by non-owners bi-weekly
13. Review malware detections report weekly
14. Do not use mail forwarding rules to external domains [Not Scored]
15. SPO Sites have classification policies [Not Scored]
16. Do not allow anonymous calendar sharing [Not Scored]
17. Do not allow external domain skype communications [Not Scored]
18. Do not allow calendar details sharing [Not Scored]
19. Apply IRM protections to documents
20. Apply IRM protections to email [Not Scored]
21. Remove TLS 1.0/1.1 and 3DES dependencies
22. Tag documents in SharePoint [Not Scored]
23. Use limited administrative roles
24. Delete/block accounts not used in last 30 days
25. Do not allow mailbox delegation
26. Allow anonymous guest sharing links for sites and docs
27. Enable Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management

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I am not getting scores for:
7 (Rank 19). Consume audit data weekly
11 (Rank 24). Review mailbox forwarding rules weekly
12 (Rank 25). Review mailbox access by non-owners bi-weekly
13. (Rank 26) Review malware detections report weekly
and now a new one:
28 (Rank 45). Set up versioning on SharePoint online document libraries