[Secure Score] Office 365 Security score unable to update

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Hi Expert,


We have scoring problems in Secure Score.
Currently, a following action no longer five point despite fact that they are reviewed every day (since one week).
Rank19: Consume audit data weekly
Rank24: Review mailbox forwarding rules weekly
Rank25: Review mailbox access by non-owners bi-weekly
Rank26: Review malware detections report weekly

Do any of you have the same problems?
How can these issues be resolved?

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We have the same issue!  @Yosuke_Kubo


Since we have to export the Audit log data, we bought Lepide, that allows us to save the data within an Azure Database.  However, that particular options does not allow for the "Resolved with Third Party Tool". 



Thank you for your reply.
I have some question.
Does Microsoft score these improvement actions now?
Do these improvement actions are working?
If Microsoft is scoring these improvement actions,
let me know how to change status to completed.
Now I have reviewed reports included these improvement actions using Microsoft 365 Security Admin center and Exchange Online Admin Center, but these improvement actions status is not changed more than a month.
Please share correct actions to change status to completed.
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We are aware of issues with the review type controls, and have announced that they will be removed from the product.  Please see the 'What's coming?' section of our docs for other upcoming changes.