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I must be missing something, I can't get DLP to work in two completely seperate test tenants. I've set up a less restrictive rule to try and trigger DLP: One or more Credit Card numbers should trigger Notifications, restrict access, and send a report. The Policy is applied to both OneDrive and Exchange (globally). 


In both instances I can create Word documents and add as many credit card numbers as I wish and I recieve no policy tips, the file is not restricted and I'm able to share. The same goes for Email. The two charts also display no data that matches current policies (I've now been testing this over a number of days). 

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I'm having troubles getting policy tips to appear in Office apps too, and I've pretty much accepted that it's simply not working as expected atm. SPO/ODFB however should be able to dipslay tips.

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good to know it isn't just me. However, I can't even get policy tips to appear in SharePoint or OneDrive. Maybe this is because I'm using trial tenants?

Trial tenant is fine, but with the new Unified DLP policy model it takes a while for the deployment to the basic workloads to happen. You can check the status via PowerShell. It also takes some time to index the content and for the DLP processing to happen on a new/edited document.

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I just tested this in my tenant. A document containing IBAN's was detected in a couple of minutes. Including the policy tip. It took a little longer (10 minutes I guess) to detect a Word document containing example creditcard numbers (see attached). I'm leaving for a BBQ now :) and SharePoint has not yet detected two different Excels including creditcard numbers. But probably this will be done when I get back.

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Did you get this to work?

Here's three documents I used in my tenant (both contain dummy creditcard numbers), which did trigger the DLP rules I set.


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Looks like this thread is a couple months old, has anyone got this resolved? I used to have policy tips when I opened DLP flagged content but now the policy tips do not appear.