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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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First look at the new Microsoft Purview portal

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I've recently got access to the new Microsoft Purview portal home page and I'm liking the change. Here's the changes that I've noticed so far.


The New Purview Look


With the recent update, the Microsoft Purview portal now integrates both Microsoft Purview for Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Purview portal. This allows you to label and manage data across multiple cloud services like AWS, Snowflake, and Microsoft Azure, all from a single, unified interface.







The Combined Portal


Upon logging in, the portal greets you with a dashboard where you can select the Purview solution you need. This streamlined approach makes navigating between different solutions seamless and efficient.




Enhanced Information Protection


One of the significant improvements is the grouping of classifiers with sensitivity labels under the Information Protection solution. Previously, these were part of a separate Data Classification section. This consolidation simplifies data protection management, ensuring that you can easily apply and manage sensitivity labels and classifiers together.


(New look)



(Old dashboard look)




Related Solutions


The portal also highlights related solutions to enhance your chosen Purview tool. For instance, when selecting Insider Risk Management, the portal suggests complementary solutions such as:

  • Communication Compliance
  • Information Barriers
  • Data Loss Prevention

This feature ensures that you have a comprehensive set of tools to address various aspects of data security and compliance.




Knowledge Center


The Knowledge Center within the portal is a welcome change. It provides access to documentation, videos, and blogs that offer detailed insights into using the Purview solutions effectively. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding or troubleshoot an issue, the Knowledge Center is your go-to resource.




Visual Enhancements


The portal’s updated interface is visually appealing, with grouping of related solutions makes navigating through the options more intuitive. Each section is clearly defined, providing a better user experience.


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