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Hi All,

Can someone please tell me the license  requirement for Auto- labelling. The last Microsoft  session I have attend  mentioned only couple of M/O E5 license and all other users required only M/O E3. 

I cannot find any Microsoft document regarding licence for auto-labelling.

Can please help me urgently.



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For each user that you wish to have auto labelling capabilities you will require one of the following;


AIP P2 licence

EM+S E5 licence

M365 E5 licence


Hope this helps


Are there any document. On the last Microsoft session what they have mentioned is totally different. As i have mentioned they have clearly mentioned end user doesn't required E5. 

Please check 27.29 on the following video.






I cannot access the video you have shared, but please take a look at this - - which confirms that E5 is needed for automatic labelling



OK, screenshot from the video as below confirms that you need an E5 licence for all users who will benefits from this feature;


Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 08.21.53.png

@PeterRising yes I also saw that , this is really confusing. Have something on the slid and say something else. :sad:

Actually, I have believed what she has mentioned as she has given the reason why they are looking in to a base model which don't required E5 for all staff, actually that's the way it should be. They should not charged all staff as this auto-labelling work based on search engine. 


Thank very much Peter. 

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My feeling is that we will probably see a shift in some of the licensing requirements across the M365 plans in the coming months.  A lot of the more premium features like auto labelling, Identity Protection, and Privileged Identity Management are really going to become crucial everyday tools for organisations, but many of these features should be more accessible to more people in my opinion and will hopefully start trickling down to P1 level at some point.  Fingers crossed anyway!