Questions on replacing the default labels with Autolabeling

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Hi Community,


One of our customer is looking to move a their environment from old label taxonomy to new. They have tested a few options for re-labelling existing documents and have an approach for MCAS for most documents.


However, there is a daily limit of 100 Apply label actions per app, per tenant and by support team it can be increased to maximum of 3000.


In customer scenario, there is a challenge to re-configure 2 million+ documents which are labelled as default label of Company Confidential.


They are looking to re-label these to a new label and have been out of options for a quick solution except renaming the display name which customer doesn't want.




1. If we suggest Auto labeling they only want to know if the default label is automatically applied to documents and


Does that count as a manual label or automatic?


2. Is there any other viable solution to re-configure 2 million+ documents?


Any reference would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance!

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