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I have read that Adobe PDF documents support AIP but I cannot find how.


I know that I can right clic a pdf document and protect it but it will change the extension to ppdf and the user needs to install the AIP viewer. 


Is there any plugin or native functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro that allows me to protect a PDF file?



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Yeah, that is not the same technology at all.

Then, please clarify your request.

RMS is the underlying protection technology of what is now branded as Azure Information Protection. You can either use the generic viewer tool or the above-mentioned extension, which integrates with Adobe products, which is what you asked.

Andrea, OP acknowledges he can use the AIP client (right-click) above. He is asking about Adobe product integration.

Cool beans. if something like that is ever released, its likely to replace the current version which is what i linked above.
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In a timely announcement by Microsoft (just 9 hours ago) they announced that there will be an updated plugin for Adobe in "early October"

Recently published documentation that might help with this question: Supported PDF readers for Microsoft Information Protection


To be clear though, this integration work is for a reader that both opens protected PDF files (ISO standard), and displays the Azure Information Protection label.