Cannot export a Word document to PDF and retain AIP security settings (Unified Labelling)

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Hi All

I am scratching my head here. :sad: . I have a word document which I classify and apply a label to, using the Unified labelling client (AIP) .


If I then try to export the document to PDF (PDF files are supported for AIP ) I get the below error. Which basically says to save it as pdf all permissions/restrictions will be lost


Can anyone please help me resolve this? We tested this in the past and it worked without issue, when I then opened the pdf it advised it is protected, checked if I am allowed to view the document and then opened ok. Not sure where I am going wrong this time!? 




Thanks in advance..

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@Christo De Lange I have the same issue with Unified Labeling. Even if the file is not protected, the resulting pdf does not receive the Sensitivity Label. This is true both when using "save as" and printing to pdf.