Why does Project still not have a Spell Checker?

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I've been using MS Project since 1990 - yep, that far back, and it amazes me that it still does not have a spell checking facility!  Especially when I look at how many people in the construction industry cannot spell!!

Surely it can't be that hard to add a spell checker to a database?

Currently I'm transferring 3000+ line items into Excel to run them through the spell checker and then pasting them back into my programme, which is ridiculous when you think about it... 


Anyone else also wanting this simple operational capability?

Oh, and English English would be nice too... I'm sure more countries in the world speak UK English than US English.... 



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Do you not have your Project options set for proofing? Go to File > Options > Proofing group. You can also select UK English for authoring language and proofing.




Yes, that is all set up (and to English NZ), however it doesn't pick up spelling mistakes. :(

Neither does Excel. I would expect a communication app (e.g. Outlook) or a word processing app (e.g. Word) to correct or at least suggest alternate spelling/grammar but the focus of Project (or Excel for that matter) is not formal communication (i.e. not focused on formal use of language). I often use abbreviated text to describe a task in Project as do many users, (sometimes way too abbreviated), and certainly wouldn't appreciate a formal spell or grammar checker suggesting (or making) corrections.

Nonetheless, if you would like to suggest a spell/grammar checker be added to Project, you best bet is via Help > Help group > Feedback.


HI @Tania-Menlo !
As I know MS Project check spelling by F7 in old style checking. So it goes sequentially from one misspell to other showing you cases to select from. 

Tania --

There is a Spelling button at the right end of the Project ribbon. When you click it, the spell checker shows you each misspelled word, with the option to ignore it or change it. If you are looking for automatic spell checking which highlights potentially misspelled words, that feature does not exist in Microsoft Project, and probably never will. Hope this helps.
How blind am I. I must have seen that icon hundreds of times but never gave it a look, too focused on other stuff I guess. Thanks for jumping in with your savvy.

@Vadim_Gerya, thanks, this worked but the corrections are not necessarily effective immediatelly.

I tested it as follows:

  1. In the Sprint Planning Board view I added a new task where I misspelled the French word "projet" as "projett"
  2. The spellcheck found it and I selected change
  3. Interestingly this was immediatelly reflected in the Task information but not in the label of the task on the Sprint Planning Board
  4. When I changed to Gantt Chart, the task name was correct