Which Project product to use for good resource planning

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Hi, I’m looking for a bit of advice. Our company uses Office365, Teams, Sharepoint etc to work collaboratively. We are looking to start using project to coordinate things. Requirements being:


  • Collaborative editing of multiple projects between 3 Project managers and 5 resource managers
  • Immediate insight into resource allocation, for example when putting together a project plan we need to see which resources are over allocated easily judge people’s workload when deciding which resource to add to a task
  • Editing and reporting built into Teams


I’m struggling to find the right product fit


Project desktop - Doesn’t seem to have any collaborative features, Teams doesn’t recognise the filetype when I drop an app file into a channel and there is no Mac version available so not great for our Mac users

Project Online aka PWA - When reading up on this one it appears that MS plan to sunset it soon so not great for new adopters

Project for Web - The project planning seems very basic, no obvious way to see resource allocation or see workload of the team when setting up as plan. I dug in a bit deeper and it looks like the only solution here is to use a power BI report. So I set up one to create a resource heat map (an intensely un-user friendly task!!) and published it then added it to a Teams channel. The problem here is it is quite disconnected from the project view and doesn’t update in realtime (in fact I couldn’t get the power BI report to update at all in teams once it had been published).



Am I missing something here or is the current MS Project offerings not quite ready for enterprise use? Any recommendations about the best product to use?

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