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Hi All,

I’m working currently on a MS-Project File for Railway Construction.

In there I have 2 number fields for km start and km end. All activities have an entry in these two fields. How can I set a Filter which shows me all activities between km 6 and km 7.

Following Tasks as an example:

Task 1: km Start 5,5 km end km 10

Task 2: km Start 6,2 km end km 6,5

Task 3: km Start 6,7 km end km 8,0

Task 4: km Start 5,5 km end km 6,5

I can not just set a Filter in KM start greater than 6, there I would miss Task 1 and Task 4

And when I set a filter in KM end less than 7, than I would miss task 1 and 3.

Any support would be very helpful.

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Take a look at the Date Range filter and modify the fields as appropriate for your needs.


Hi John, 

thanks for the support. I changed the Date Range filter accordingly but,

when I sete the range filter from 6km Start to 7km End, will not schow the activities witch goes e.g. Start 5km to 10km. 

How can I set a Filter witch includes these tasks also? 


Many Thanks in advance,


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This is what I get when I create a filter based on the Date Range filter. Does it not do what you want?






I have crated the same Filter, and when I apply it to the range of KM 6 and KM7 than only Task 2 appears. 

But what I need is that all 4 activities needs to appear, because they have workload in this km range.

Do you have any Idea? 


Screenshot 2023-07-25 073828.png


Hello @ThomasvP 


The filter that John describes works correctly 

You can add it to ask the interval of kilometers as indicated in the attached video.








Hey both, thanks so much. now it is working. 

(I mixed up start and finish before) 


Yeah, I thought maybe that was the problem. I'm glad you got it working and thanks for the feedback.


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